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Receive unparalleled services and products from UNIQUE DRILLING FLUIDS, INC., a global oilfield chemical manufacturer and wholesale chemical supply company. We are located in the United States of America with corporate headquarters planted in the heart of downtown Dallas, TX. Our operations, blending and support staff are located in Houston, TX close to the Port of Houston which allows for easy and cost effective exporting to oil rich countries. We also have offices and a support staff in New Orleans, La. to assist and cater to the Gulf of Mexico's drilling activities off the coast of Louisiana.

Our business is dedicated to becoming one of the top companies in the industry worldwide. We work hard to make sure that we always satisfy your needs.  We are an integrated oil and gas company with an abundance of diversity. Our domestic presence grows daily in places such as West Texas, South Texas, Pennsylvania and North Dakota, however we love global affiliations. 

Presently we have affiliates and service clients in countries such as Nigeria, Angola, Republic of  South Sudan,Tanzania, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Great Britain, Australia, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Barbados, Colombia, Ecuador, Libya, Jordan, Venezuela, Yemen, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, India Iraq, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Oman, Turkey, Azerbaijan,, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Myanmar and many more countries. 

We believe in quality assurance and quality control. We offer high quality yet cost effective products. We pride ourselves on our versatility with respect to instrumentation and the research thereof.

Our research and development department work long hours to ensure that innovative specialty chemicals and field portable instrumentation are integrated into our product portfolio. Scientist and engineers are the brains and brawn behind UDF's upward motivation and success.

We are committed to delivering excellence in everything we do. Our staff is focused on success and fully understands that the only way we can continue to be successful is by making you happy. Feel confident that you are receiving exceptional products and services and become a partner of UNIQUE DRILLING FLUIDS, INC.





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